Tuesday, August 8, 2017

click funnels review

ClickFunnels is a unique tool specifically designed to simplify the task of building sales funnels.

For many marketers it has become their new best friend.

In this click funnels review, I take a detailed look at ClickFunnels — what it does, how it works, its strengths & weaknesses, and how it compares with the competition.

If you want to learn more about funnels, how to build them, and whether or not ClickFunnels is the right product for you, read on.

But first, a bit of background…

A typical funnel will incorporate one or more opt-in pages, an email auto responder (to send a sequence of emails that move them up your value ladder), plus one or more sales pages, order forms, additional content, member’s area etc.
In the past this would require you to have a website, hosting, an autoresponder service, landing page software, split-testing software, membership site software, and probably a host of designers and programmers to cobble the whole lot together.
ClickFunnels lets you do all of that in one platform.
This not only saves you a lot of money in buying all those different products and services, it also save you the technical headache of trying to make a lot of disparate tools work together.
In fact with ClickFunnels, you don’t even need a website any more…
Many people spend a lot of time creating and managing their website, without giving much thought to their actual sales process or funnel.
In reality, the funnel is the sine qua non (“without which, nothing”) of your online marketing activity.
Anything that is not part of (or contributing to) your funnel is essentially pointless!
I’m not (quite!) suggesting that you should go to the extreme of ditching your website altogether yet, as Russell Brunson and the guys at ClickFunnels suggest, but it’s definitely worth focusing on your funnels above everything else.
ClickFunnels will let you create all your optin pages, sales pages, email sequences, membership areas, online training courses etc, and link them together to build your funnel — all in one, easy to use tool.
Sounds wonderful? Let’s see what it’s like in practice…

Many people don’t bother to watch the tutorials when they get a new product, preferring to dive in and figure it out themselves — I am a prime offender at this!
However, by doing that you actually waste a lot of time, and it takes you longer to get up and running with the product.
ClickFunnels combat this by bribing you with a free “#FunnelHacker” t-shirt, and a ready made email funnel, if you just watch the introductory tutorial.
(ClickFunnels users go absolutely crazy for these shirts. They are incredibly passionate about the product, and the ClickFunnels user community is SO enthusiastic it’s almost like a cult! Clearly ClickFunnels are doing something right to inspire such fervour in their customers.)
The training is actually very good, and explains everything very clearly and quickly.
It’s just 4 videos of a few minutes each, and they are well worth watching (even if you don’t want the shirt!).

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