Friday, July 7, 2017

Ethan Vanderbuilt

As stated, Ethan Vanderbuilt’s entire web presence and content is built upon taking honest and credible companies and informing everyone that they are a ‘scam’. This drives more and more traffic to his site and creates a controversy. This controversy is what he is relying on to engage readers to his site because some unfortunates will search for a company and research if the company is a scam.
As you can also plainly see from visiting his website, he has many ads popping up and listed and this creates a huge revenue for himself if anyone clicks on the ads from visiting his site. This is about the lowest form of marketing online and again is sadly the only way Ethan can make any type of money online, by driving traffic from these scam claims in the hopes of someone clicking these ads.
His entire web presence is built on tricking and deceptively creating a controversy against credible honest companies, and this makes him an outright scam as well as a liar.
Not only does he falsely accuse credible companies of being ‘scams’. He also accuses prominent businesses the better business bureau (BBB). He wrote an article titled, Do not trust the BBB ratings! 
I hope you are starting to understand just how sad and desperate an individual like Ethan Vanderbuilt is…
It’s much like a desperate cry for attention and probably about the only way, sadly, that Ethan can get any viewers to his site whatsoever. I also suspect that Ethan himself was a huge failure in business, and this is probably what has caused this need for ‘scam busting’ he refers to as his mission.
Let’s look at another big reason why Ethan is building so much content claiming honest companies are ‘scams’,
This link is taken from Ethan Vanderbuilt’s own website promoting his own affiliate link to Wealthy affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing program identical to other opportunities he claims is a ‘scam’ 
This is the only real evidence that we need to realize that not only is Ethan Vanderbuilt is a scam artist himself and a liar, but he is also a hypocrite. Building content accusing credible affiliate marketing companies are a scam, but then promoting Wealthy Affiliate? I hope you are starting to see the truth of what Ethan is really up to:
Creating controversy and gaining traffic to promote his own agenda for his own affiliate marketing program
The problem with the internet these days is that people believe what they read. They don’t do any due diligence themselves and believe in frauds like Ethan Vanderbuilt. 
Ethan is such a scam that he does not allow a company a rebuttal to his false accusations. If the company tries to leave a comment to defend themselves of these false allegations, he will delete the post immediately. 
My opinion of Ethan Vanderbuilt is much like someone who has never worked out a day in their life, telling everyone else in the gym exercising that what they are doing is ‘wrong’. Someone who has never attempted much at life yet telling everyone that companies and opportunities are a ‘scam’.
Unfortunately there is always going to be people like Ethan Vanderbuilt, but rarely do they go to this extent to try and discourage people from actually getting free and making an income for themselves vs. being completely mediocre as he is. 
There will always be discouragers, haters, or those that attempt to take away from your success or how to live a life you truly deserve, if I had ever once listened to someone like Ethan Vanderbuilt, I would still be completely lost in a world of mediocrity and working for someone else and building someone else’s dream.  
Those that ‘can’t’ will always try to discourage the rest of us who ‘can’.
I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I was tricking and deceiving people through my content online, but this is exactly what Ethan Vanderbuilt is doing.
I suspect he does not get any attention or have much along the lines of friends and family, so his content is a way to get ‘attention’ and to anger as many people as possible.
It’s much like a child screaming for someone to pay attention or to ‘act out’ so someone will notice.
And that is the honest sad reality of Ethan Vanderbuilt…
This scam artist preys on honest companies by trying to destroy their reputation to make a profit. I found this appalling and disgusting. Ethan Vanderbuilt is the lowest form of life on this planet. A true bottom feeder scam artist scum. If you read this article. Please pass it on.

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