Tuesday, June 20, 2017

website check

In a single click, without anything to install, Seoheck let you test any web page speed. So much better than a simple bot, our Real browser testing service allow you to run highly configurable and realistic tests within the same conditions as your real life users.
Get access to a full range of metrics and data about Front-end performance and quality as for User Experience (UX). You can check website speed easily.

Not only our test reports provide all the needed technical metrics for a full diagnosis about web quality, but also major indicators dealing with User Experience (UX).

Thanks to the video analysis of your web page loading, Dareboost computes Start Render, Visually Complete and Speed Index, widely renowned as the most relevant metric for the web performance as experienced by users.

Furthermore, in order to get the most accurate view of each displaying steps of your web page, all of our reports allow you to replay its loading video and access to its detailed filmstrip.

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