Tuesday, March 14, 2017

absurd intellectual

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The fact that “intellectual property rights” are barely enforcible thanks to the existence of the internet raises questions about this supposed “intellectual property,” and raises questions about other kinds of property as well. Yet this goes deeper than enforceability. The bourgeoisie would have us think that someone can lay exclusive claim and ownership to something they have thought up or composed. This begs the question, however: is there any such thing as a purely original thought? Is any thought ever independent of other thoughts? Can one divorce thought and creativity from the material conditions that bore the minds which brought it forward?

The metaphysician would answer yes, because ideas are outside of our material beings, because they come from a “soul” or other aberration that we cannot test or quantify in a material sense. The Marxist, however, would answer no. The brain itself is matter that thinks. It gains experience through exposure to the world, to concepts and ideas generated by the world around it. The ideas of a mind are rooted in the material conditions of its time, and as such, cannot be produced without that context. New ideas are the products of existing conditions and are built upon older ideas that have shown themselves to be relevant. To say that ideas simply “appear” or are “created” purely by some abstract property of the individual who conceived of it is to say the same of human beings, as if they just “showed up one day,” and weren’t conceived by parents, had their perceptions of the world informed by society, don’t have set conditions which shape their experiences and values.

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