Wednesday, December 14, 2016

four percent group review

The four percent group is an online training program or you can say it is an online platform that teaches you how to start and build your online profitable multiple streams of income business promoting products, live events and business tools.

In this four percent group training program, Vick Strizheus himself teaches you how to set up your own custom funnel to promote the Four Percent Group training program step-by-step.

In this training program there is section called Marketing Center which parts into two sections.

One is called 4% Group and another is Tec Mastermind.

4% Group.

In 4% Group there is again section called Sell Without Selling Funnel which also parts into four section.

Funnel Setup.
Promo Tools.
So in nutshell, while setting up custom funnel, he himself teaches you step-by-step how to create your Clickbank ID, how to set up your own landing page, tracking links, autoresponder as well how to set up email follow up sequence.

Note: – When you join the program, you get pre-written email sequence that you can set up in your autoresponder system. Plus you’re also free to use your own email sequence.  

Further, while setting up your Funnel, you have options to integrate two well known autoresponders. One is Getresponse and another one is Aweber for sending email sequence. Right!


TEC MASTERMIND (formerly known as “Internet Marketing College”) is a group of people or you can say the most powerful team in the world promoting products from Tecademics.

When you join Four Percent Group then you have an opportunity to lock yourself as a FAM member with Tecademics and in so doing, you can claim a spot as a TEC MASTERMIND founding member.

Note: – It has limited seats. You may get chance to lock your seat or may be not!

Actually when you lock your seat then you become Founding member of Tec Mastermind Group and become eligible for earning at least $100,000 in personal commissions and also qualify for $100,000 bonus from Tecademics within the next 6 months or less.

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