Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Hello guys last 2month i have experiance about Ponytail Hair Extensions. Today i tell about Ponytail Hair Extensions good side.

This is probably our favorite way to wear hair extensions in a ponytail. The whole idea is to clip in the wefts in the same direction that your hair would go in naturally when put up in a ponytail.

Separate some hair at the front and clip in a 2 clip weft as you normally would. If you want more volume in your ponytail, you can clip in two wefts in this section.
Separate the hair mid-way and flip upside down. Make sure you leave enough hair at the nape of the neck to cover the wefts afterwards.

Continue clipping in wefts, but this time upside down. This way, when you put up your hair in a high ponytail, the clips will not pull at your roots and will feel very comfortable. This tutorial is a great visual example on how to do this technique.

Take out random hair pieces and baby hairs at the front to frame your face and get that messy look going.

Tug at the top of your hair to loosen up the ponytail.

Take random sections of the ponytail, and tease them. Here is a video tutorial on how to get volume and tease your hair, if you’re not sure how to do it.
Use hairspray to set the look (we recommend a natural hairspray - read why in this post).

For extra texture, scrunch the hair upwards with your hand. There you have it - a fun and super playful ponytail hairstyle!

For more info you can cheak wikipedia

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