Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Music Producer

The Music Producers Guild provides a community for us to share our collective experiences and collaborate with other like-minded people. A music producer oversees the artistic, financial and technical demands of a recording project. No formal training is required, most producers learn on the job, but a broad knowledge of musical styles is essential for success. Producers also must be able to consistently elicit outstanding vocal and instrumental performances from the featured artists. At the major label level, the producer may also work in shaping songs deemed to have commercial potential. At The Music Producer we like to think that there's a music producer in everyone just waiting to make a hit record. RazKlinghoffer is a record producer, songwriter, mix & audio engineer, and guitarist. He records at his recording studio in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles. Raz has spent over 10-years producing and mixing most genres of music including pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, Americana/folk, film scores, adult contemporary, country, and metal. Raz is currently working finishing production work for Amy Drea , among other exciting new artists and projects. Raz k is awesome, I think  Music Producer Raz Klinghoffer is best for you. 

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